Trick tip – Backside 180

Trick tip – Backside 180 No Grab

One of the most classic tricks around and if I¹m honest one of the sickest tricks. I think if you were to conduct a survey world wide about which tricks were loved and put at the top of most peoples trick list this would be it. Again you want to make sure you got the right speed. On approach stay flat based as possible and leave the take off the same. This will prevent you over rotating before you land. Pop off the lip and suck your knees up leaving you arms at your side. Use your shoulders to help bring your body round 180 degrees, while doing so keep your waist and feet in the same movement this will keep you looking stocky. By this point you¹ll be ready to land. Stay stocky and keep your knees bent. This all helps when your about to put it down. Land and ride away switch. When you¹ve got this dialled try it with a few grabs and add your own style to it.